© 2018 by Gina Mollett.

Monday Art Club

Westcotes Library, Leicester


From January 2017 to July 2018, I produced and delivered a Monday Art Club for families at Westcotes Library in Leicester with the question in mind: “Where can arts education take place?”. I initiated this project in response to research that had found the library to sit on Narborough Road, the most ethnically diverse street within the UK. The project began during a time of unrest and uncertainty after the EU Referendum vote and the free weekly workshops provided an opportunity for participants to celebrate the diversity of the local neighbourhood. 


Over the 18-month period I built a good reputation with the library, local councillors and family audiences which enabled me to secure funding to develop the project. I secured additional funding from Everybody’s Reading in 2017 and 2018 to produce a printed newspaper and picture book featuring the work of the families that could be circulated within the local neighbourhood and enable me to explore ideas around the distribution of art, education and ideas. The concept for the Family Art Club and printed matter had derived from my experience in delivering arts engagement projects to tackle issues of social isolation, cultural bereavement and community cohesion amongst migrant communities.